Key Dates

  1. LMS Selection: A total of 246 faculty, students, and staff pilot tested 2 LMS and selected Canvas.
  2. Contract Signing: APU signed the Canvas contract on September 20, 2017.
  3. Integration with APU Systems: Canvas will be integrated with existing university systems by early Spring 2018.
  4. Faculty Training and Content Transfer: ITT will provide faculty with training and content transfer support starting Spring 2018.
  5. Teaching in Canvas: The first group of schools/colleges to teach entirely in Canvas will start Summer 2018 (see timeline below).
  6. Sakai Sunset: After migration, Sakai archived courses will be accessible through spring 2019. Sakai will no longer be available after May 31, 2019.

Migration and Training Schedule

The following launch schedule indicates the semester when all courses within a school/college will occur only in Canvas. In other words, an entire school/college will begin teaching in Canvas at the start of the launch date. Moreover, faculty members need to complete Canvas training before their school/college’s designated launch date. Please consult training schedule, training recordings, self-paced course, and other related resources. For all Canvas support, please email canvas@apu.edu.

Canvas Migration & Training Schedule