End of term Reminders

Below is a list of essential reminders for faculty for the end-of-term. For a more detailed checklist, see Canvas Start-of-Term Checklists

Final Grades

Final grades are typically due in PeopleSoft 10 days after the end of the term. Please check with the Academic Calendars for official due dates. Instructors who use Canvas for grading can sync the total grades into PeopleSoft, avoiding the manual process of transferring grades between the two systems. Once the grades are in PeopleSoft, the instructor MUST Approve and Save them there, and submit Last Date of Attendance information for failing grades.

Course Conclusion

Canvas courses will typically conclude for students 3 days after the end of the term and for faculty 7 days after final grades are due. When a course concludes in Canvas, it becomes read-only. Instructors will no longer be able to modify/grade assignments, provide feedback, or change any aspects of the course. Likewise, students will only be able to view course content but not be able to submit assignments, post discussions, or utilize any Canvas tools. All course content will remain and continue to be accessible, and instructors have the ability to copy and import from a concluded course to new course sites. Concluded courses will be archived and can be found under Courses (navigation menu) > All Courses > Past Enrollments. (See below if a course needs to be extended longer to accommodate students with an Incomplete.)

Course Extension for Students w/Incomplete

Canvas course access can be extended to accommodate students with an Incomplete. Typically, the extension is for 12 weeks after the end of the term. If a longer extension is needed, please note it in the email. To extend a course for one or more students, an instructor will need to email canvas@apu.edu and provide the following information:

  • Name of the student with ID number

  • Name of course and 5 digit class number (e.g., Sports Psychology 10005)