Online Pedagogy

Teaching in an online environment is different than teaching in a face-to-face setting. Both are powerful experiences, but they require very different activities to implement successfully. We've collected the following resources on best practices for teaching remotely in an online environment.

ACUE Online Teaching Toolkit

To support instructors needing to make a quick transition to utilizing an online environment, ACUE provided resources and recommendations that can be immediately put to use by instructors, to benefit both faculty and their students.

These resources are divided into six key topic areas for teaching remotely:

ASU Best Practices for Teaching Online

ASU provides seven best practices for teaching online. Incorporating these best practices will help ensure that instructors and their students stay engaged and have a positive experience.

8 Lessons Learning from Teaching Online

  1. High touch over high tech

  2. Digital storytelling

  3. Use technology intentionally

  4. External resources

  5. Be explicit

  6. Fun and the unexpected

  7. Login regularly

  8. Personal Feedback

Additional Resources